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Staff & Committee

Darlene Waugh
Darlene Waugh, Executive Director
Darlene was appointed Executive Director of the Pierstorf College Fund in January 2020. Darlene is a lifelong member of Messiah Lutheran Church who knew the Pierstorf Family personally. Her past banking experience with Citicorp helped prepare her for this position. She is eager to grow this fund to help serve all Lutheran college students in the state of Ohio.
Lisa Daley

Lisa Daley, Business Manager

Lisa has served as the Business Manager of the Pierstorf College Fund for 20 years and has seen the amazing growth in the loans granted by the Fund. She worked personally with Dr. Pierstorf and heard his passion for helping students. As the parent of four adult daughters who are college graduates, she understands the student’s and parent’s perspective in paying for advanced education. She is excited to be involved in the continued expansion of the Pierstorf College Fund and its ability to impact student’s lives.

Pierstorf College Fund Committee

Ashley Koza, Chairperson
Corbin Blackburn
Pastor Seth Bridger
Meg DiFiore
Sam Gmetro, Esq.
John Hayduk